Swinging London

2016-12-09 10:03:23

If someone dies to discuss the Swinging London, please join it.
Swinging London
As for me, I set my eyes to it, when I had watched an Antonioni’s movie “Blowup” (1966).
The regular story of a trendy vogue clicker tells same things can be seemed differently.
Along the movie, a spectator is running through the Swinging London as music as other things.
The scene of the Yardbirds’ performance is great; the musicians are playing the pure and outrageous rock, while the listeners play a fool around.
Being brave pioneers, the youth try to reflect their inner states with the help of wear, glasses, color mix, talking fusion etc.
The Swinging night streets spread a refined adventure waiting perfume.
This way, there are many rock groups and singers, directors, famous clickers, models and actresses (they were known to call the Swinging Chicks of 60s).

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By April 1966, the Time magazine issued an article about this phenomenon, which was titled as Great Britain: You Can Walk Across It On The Grass, “In this century, every decade has had its city. The fin de siècle belonged to the dreamlike round of Vienna, capital of the inbred Habsburgs and the waltz. In the changing '20s, Paris provided a moveable feast for Hemingway, Picasso, Fitzgerald and Joyce, while in the chaos after the Great Crash, Berlin briefly erupted with the savage iconoclasm of Brecht and the Bauhaus. During the shell-shocked 1940s, thrusting New York led the way, and in the uneasy 1950s it was the easy Rome of la dolce vita. Today, it is London...”

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counting_stars I am not sure if you are interested in the following, but anyway:

play a fool around

It seems to me, either "play the fool" or "fool around"

2016-12-09 10:58:21

OK )
Play the fool...

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Sometimes this period is called as the Mod Times.
As a rule, the mods were the youth groups, which listening the music, keeping their clothes in last fashion style, meeting girls/boys and driving the scooters all nights long.

2016-12-09 13:29:09

This event set a stone rolling, which had given an impulse for British pop-art culture on the whole. Getting better after World War II, boys and girls wouldn’t live as their parents did. An opportunity to have a handsome salary, dragging the young ones into the world fashion and style capital—London. And being there, they started to feel something new, mysterious and wonderful…

2016-12-09 13:47:57

After checking:
Sometimes this period is called the Mod Times.
As a rule, the mods were the youth groups, which listened to the music, wore clothes of latest fashion, met girls/boys and drove scooters throughout nights.

2016-12-09 16:45:15

What the hell is clicker?

2016-12-09 16:57:02

alexB пишет:

What the hell is clicker?

As far as I could understand, it is "fashion designer" or "couturier"

2016-12-09 17:45:39

alexB пишет:

What the hell is clicker?


2016-12-10 00:36:12

Really? Was it you who made it up or did someone tell you such a word existed?

2016-12-10 08:59:54

alexB пишет:

Really? Was it you who made it up or did someone tell you such a word existed?

Having forgotten + camera = camera clicker )
Click here

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2016-12-12 08:46:24

Hey Ladies!
Most of you are passionate about vogue, style and music.
Here you are!
Twiggy, Carnaby Street, Mary Quant, daring Penhaligon's and many many more...

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2017-01-04 12:28:20


Why do you think that most ladies are passionate about vogue, style and music?

Maybe some of them are passionate of vogue, some of style and some of music, however, there are some who are ignorant about all of them altogether.

Additionally, I cannot comprehend the notion "swinging London" even now. Does it mean that they kept dancing swing for years back then?

2017-01-04 15:28:48

Should they be passionate about subconscious grammatical analysis?

2017-01-04 16:05:49

acapnotic пишет:

Should they be passionate about subconscious grammatical analysis?

right you are, they should :)

2017-01-09 07:55:10

zymbronia пишет:

Why do you think that most ladies are passionate about vogue, style and music?

Just reminder to look back to the history ... some people are keen on the musical groups, brands, 60s inventors but know nothing about them )

2017-01-11 23:45:01

Blow Up was a pure blast for me. I was mesmerized.

Also, the Roaring Twenties are extremely interesting.

2017-01-13 09:11:20

Olive пишет:


Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni's first English-language production was also his only box office hit, widely considered one of the seminal films of the 1960s. Thomas (David Hemmings) is a nihilistic, wealthy fashion photographer in mod "Swinging London." Filled with ennui, bored with his "fab" but oddly-lifeless existence of casual sex and drug use, Thomas comes alive when he wanders through a park, stops to take pictures of a couple embracing, and upon developing the images, believes that he has photographed a murder. Pursued by Jane (Vanessa Redgrave), the woman who is in the photos, Thomas pretends to give her the pictures, but in reality, he passes off a different roll of film to her. Thomas returns to the park and discovers that there is, indeed, a dead body lying in the shrubbery: the gray-haired man who was embracing Jane. Has she murdered him, or does Thomas' photo reveal a man with a gun hiding nearby? Antonioni's thriller is a puzzling, existential, adroitly-assembled masterpiece.
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