Из жизни преподавателя английского или Неисповедимы пути мыслей в головах учеников:)

2003-12-08 23:16:28

Решила поделиться историей из жизни.
Веду сегодня урок, работа в парах - fluency work. Цель - повторить фразовые глаголы, отвечая на вопросы их содержащие. Один из вопросов
Have you ever done anything that you hope nobody will ever find out?
Сразу оговорюсь, что уроки веду без перевода на русский и работаю со взрослыми.
Хожу по классу, слушаю, кто что говорит, по возможности исправляю и помогаю.
Неожиданно спрашивают
- What sound does the skeleton make?
- Я естественно, озадачиваюсь ?!
- Уточняют: in the closet. You see, there is a skeleton in every family closet.
- Начинаю понимать, спрашиваю What do you need that for?
- Объясняют: Well, it makes this noise with the bones and the secret is out (это к ответу на вопрос в начале истории).
А я всего лишь хотела услышать в ответ Yes, I have или No, I haven't ...

2003-12-09 04:10:29

So, was the person willing to share that secret???

Last week, on Thanksgiving, I went to the house of some friends, along with several other people. We had a Pot Luck Thanksgiving. After everyone had eaten and we were sitting around the table talking, Betty Lou, my wife, suggested, Why don't we each tell the most embarrassing experience we have had? Well, we did that. It's kind of like letting the skeletons out of the closet, isn't it? (But not exactly.) Do y'all have that concept of skeletons in the closet? maybe somebody here can let some skeletons out, since everyone's anonymous.... (открывая дверь....) This would definitely liven up this thread!

2003-12-09 12:49:32

I'm afraid these skeletons are sealed with seven seals :-)

Though we'll see....

Something leads me to think that there's gonna be a couple of new nicknames on the forum;-)))

2003-12-10 00:28:19


Betty Lou, my wife, suggested, Why don't we each tell the most embarrassing experience we have had?

A good psychologist is always at work :-)

> since everyone's anonymous....
Anonymous?! Nina has everyone's IP, and who knows what she will do with it, so at some moment the anonimity may become very expensive... <g>

2003-12-10 12:00:26

when I was born my parants (or grandparents ?) bought a big bear, you know we call it a "soft toy", I dunno how exactly it's in english, maybe "stuffed animal"? I even got a picture where we're sitting next to each other and he's bigger than me. Well, now I'm a big boy ;) but this bear's still sitting on a chair in room and I'm really proud of it.

and have a couple of britney's mp3s and around 60 mb of xxx pix on my hdd but you never heard me say that ;)

2003-12-10 12:04:01

Andy Mad
It's a teddy bear ;).

2003-12-10 12:14:23

teddy bear! thanx Nina!

2003-12-10 13:36:25

Try this teddy bear :)

2003-12-10 14:21:23

damn! i'm in the office and they stole my speakers!

2003-12-10 15:47:07

and I once wanted to steal a very nice looking toy pistol from my cousine but my dad thwarted my plans and made me feel realy bad in fact. I was in another town we were staying at our relatives' apartment and me and my cousine played together a lot then I saw this shiny pistol among his toys and I just loved it, I knew we were going back home in a couple of days, so I took this little pistol and put it in our travel bag in a pocket attached to the side of it where I mistakenly thought my parents wouldn't look, the plan was to smuggle it back home. Then my parents began packing, and in the afternoon as I walked into the room we were staying in I found my father standing there over the open back, holding the shiny pistol in his hands, he was very solmen and asked me what it was doing in the bag, I didn't own up at once though, I remember I started saying somethign abt me and my cousine playing and the pistol accidentally falling into the bag and that it was very lucky that it had been found but my dad saw right thru me asking me whether I thought they woudn't have bought me a toy pistol like this one or even better if I had asked them, why oh why did I have to resort to stealing things from my own cousine, anywasy we kept the thing secret me and my dad, he gave me the pistol and told me to take it to the box inthe other room where my cousine kept his other toys, I complied. I felt really bad and embarrassed when I entered the room and saw my dad there holding this pistol in his hand, I literally felt hot inthe face and knew I was blushing like the red stop signal.
Another situation where I felt quite bad abt myself was again inthe same apartment of my relatives, it happened several years later, now my cousine had a sister who was 7 years younger than either of us and we were I think either 13 or 14 bothe of us and she was 7 or 6, though 7 is more like it, so the three of us started playing this gamewhere one person is blindfolded and the others clap hands letting the blindfolded person know where they are and the blindfolded person has to move inthe direction of the sound and try and catch the person that clapped hands. Now it was time for our little sister to be blindfolded so me and my cousine wrapped a scarf aroudn her face, we were all in the living room and on one side there were two doors leading to the adjacent bedrooms, so I came up with an idea which I thought was just marvelous at the time, I signalled to my cousine to keep quite and we tiptoed into one of the bedrooms, I then very quietly shut the door behind us and hooked it, the door opened inside and there was a hook on it. Then we sat down, me onthe chair and my cousine on the bed I said now and we both started clapping our hands, the door jerked violently and the hook almost came off as our little sis ran into it from the outside, she immediately burst out in tears making me feel real bad abt myself, we opened the door, she'd pulled the scarf off her head and was just screaming her head off, my cousine started consoling her taking her in his lap and all, apparently she had no appreaciation for our little joke whatsover.

2003-12-10 18:01:26

It happened when I was either a freshman or a second-year student. Me and my buddy (big beermen) decided to set our personal records of the amount of beer we drink during a day. So we bought a case of beer and this is 20 bottles (each is 0.5 liter) and went to his place. His sister was home but no no! don't think nothing! this story is not about her, she was just satisfied with a pack of chips.

So we sat there popping beers and watching a movie ("Doberman" - Jesus! what a crap!). At the end of the movie we were done with our beers and started messing around, calling our fiends... Then the idea struck me: let's go the dorm, there's a party tonight (read: a binge) as some guys just got back from London. No problem! On our way to the dorm I think we had some 'extra fuel' but when we got there we were still quite ok to raise a glass or two. I don't remember the exact number but the last glass was the one I broke while putting it back on the table. That was a complete overkill. After that... I have some flashes in my memory like we're standing in a hall, smoking (Jeez, I don't smoke!) and someone called the cops. Well, they're not actually called like that in my country but I don't think there's a better english word.

So we had to run for it! From this point my memory stops. Later I was told we luckily escaped the cops and made it to a bus stop. After getting on a bus we made a terrible mistake - we sat down and eventually fell asleep...

The strange sound was tearing thru my brain as I was trying to open up my eyes. After a minute I recognized the sound - snoring, a very loud snoring. Another try, my eyes are finally open and I find myself behind the bars. What an experience! But wait a minute! Where's my buddy? Before I manage to look around the cell's door gets open and a cop walks my friend in and shows me a sign to follow him. We enter a small room full of cigarete smoke and two other cops. They ask me some questions like my name, where do I live, etc. After that we had to put our john hancocks on some papers and they let us go.

The way back home wasn't smooth either. We parted as I lived further. Lucky me the buses were still running so I hopped on but as I was completely exhausted I overslept my stop. Me standing in a dark cold street alone, busses don't run any more so I had to thumb a ride. Lucky bastard me again the cab was there but before going the driver asked me whether I had any money on me or not. 'Course I did! Inspite of all my recent memory failures I remembered I had some cash when leaving the dormitory. Ok, he drives me home, I put my hand in my pocket trying to locate the wallet but there ain't nothing in there! Damn cops! Bloody thieves! Sorry man, can't pay you now but you can take my wrist watch (shitty one but it was really dear to me).

I partialy recovered from the hangover by 3 or 4 p.m the other day and as I had no intenton to gift my lousy watch to that cab driver I went to the taxi station, found the man and bought it off.

2003-12-10 18:07:46

Все это очень напоминает один эпизод из замечательного фильма "Даун Хаус" - смотрели? :-) жаль, никто не рассказывает про "письмо героя"...

2003-12-10 19:37:13

Down House? No, I haven't watched it. Any fun?

2003-12-11 01:58:06

Andy Mad
Yes, it's worth seeing as long as you know what "The Idiot" is all about.

2003-12-13 03:42:33

Вести с передовой (обучения английскому): на днях 10-летний ученик порадовал меня оригинальным произношением слова horribly - "хори, бля". Это впечатлило меня даже больше, чем два прежних лидера - "унтель" (until) и "сапля" (supply). Впрочем, с лидерством я еще не определился...серьезным претендентом на hit всех времен и народов выступает слово bicycle, которые в исполнении моих юных "англичан" звучало как и "бисикл", так и "бикакал":-)

2003-12-13 12:07:07

Говорят, студенты технических вузов очень любят слово "пузикл" (physical)...
Еще немного от моих студентов:
1.The secretary looked at him upside down (should be “up and down”)
2.a story told by a 1st year girl (has to do with gardening): My mother grew peppers as a houseplant…and then they grew big and nice and then the peppers ate my cat. (the difference between the subject and the object has been explained to her, she resumes the story and ends up with “and then, when my mother grew peppers again, the peppers ate my father).
3.I’d rather kill myself than give up smoking. – Я скорее наложу на себя руки, чем брошу курить. (the translation was provided by the student)
4.(Vegetable salad) … add salt and paper…
5.When the girl asked the boy to fetch her some flowers, she couldn’t even expect that he would be back in no time and that she even wouldn’t have time to put on her beautiful dress. (an example with the expression “in no time”)
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