Как будет на английском?

2007-09-03 13:49:03

Наша молодежь живет сегодняшним днем.

2007-09-03 14:11:30

what about the following:
Our youth has (carries) day-fly life.

or people are not moths?

2007-09-03 14:25:17

Our young are living like there's no tomorrow

2007-09-03 14:43:32

The youth live for today, not thinking much about what'll happen to them tomorrow. ;). clumsy...?

2007-09-03 14:48:15


2007-09-03 16:43:55

Carpe diem.

2007-09-03 19:22:42

But it isn't english. Or do you think it is understandable to every english speaking person?

2007-09-03 20:52:52

What's Carpe diem

2007-09-03 21:04:18

жить одним днём
«будь счастлив в эту секунду»
дословно «лови день»

2007-09-03 21:39:50

No, probably not, but it is a well-known phrase. I would go with what nd or pup suggested.

The other day I was reading a financial article, and the author showed that you need to invest (not save) $100 per month or more starting around age 20 if you want to have a happy retirement in the US (which requires a LOT of money, somewhere around the $1 million for someone in my financial bracket). Probably different where you are. Are you living like there's no tomorrow?

2007-09-03 21:44:43

somewhere around the $1 million for someone in my financial bracket

I think we need about $200-300 thousands. It's enough for spending $1 th per month.
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